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Allergy or Intolerance?

What’s An Allergy And What’s An Intolerance?

The main question we get at Pet Health At Home, is what’s the difference between these two potentially life-altering issues? We’re helping you to learn the terminology and understand the significant differences.

Understanding Allergies

Allergies are measured using Immunoglobulin E count (IgE) in blood, as these cells fight the allergens.

If you find your pet has an allergy, the body uses the cells to fight it, and therefore it’ll show up on a blood test. Typically, IgE allergies are immediate responses to when a foreign substance has entered a body.

Blood testing is the only way to fully learn about allergies affecting an animal. They can cause serious issues like swelling, rashes, and difficulty breathing.

Allergic reactions may show up just minutes after the item has been ingested. The severity of symptoms and the pain level varies from animal to animal, making it extremely difficult to track similarities. IgE allergies cannot be cured, so the usual recommendation is by removing the items from the pet’s diet.

Understanding Intolerances

Intolerances in animals can be tricky to manage, as they change depending on the diet and lifestyle. An intolerance is the body’s inability to digest an item properly, whether this is a food intolerance or an environmental factor (a non-food intolerance).

Food or non-food intolerance is not as immediate as an allergy, symptoms can start progressively, up to 48 hours later. These symptoms might include bloating, excessive gas, fatigue or skin irritations such as eczema. They are mainly focused on digestive issues.

Understanding Sensitivities

At Pet Health At Home, we use bioresonance testing on the hair/fur samples we receive at our testing facilities. This globally tested way of testing has been around since the 1970’s and is a non-invasive way to get the results you need. The easy to understand results that you get can quickly be filtered into your pet’s life to ensure that you can begin an elimination and reintroduction diet.

Where do sensitivities come from? Usually, from foreign substances in food or via inhalation however it can be due to overexposure due to living in close proximity, or over-consumption if it’s regularly in the diet.

Once you’ve chosen the test for your animal, you can download the form immediately to start your journey. Taking and submitting a small sample which is sent quickly by post means you have limited costs and quick results that you can integrate into your pet’s life.

Your Animal's Wellness Journey

Pet Health At Home sensitivity tests are designed to help you understand your animal's reactions to everyday items that it could come into contact with.

We have made the process easy to follow and are here to support you 24/7. Our team have conducted hundreds of thousands of bioresonance tests for customers and their animal friends around the world over the last 11 years and are the market leaders. Our sensitivity tests are carried out using bioresonance therapy and is categorised under Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) which covers a wide range of therapies that fall outside mainstream medicine.

No appointments are necessary. Just send us your sample and let us do the rest. We screen your animal's sample and send results directly to your email for your peace of mind.

Tracking Allergies, Intolerances And Sensitivities

If you find your pet suffering from a range of symptoms, then it may have an allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, and the Pet Health At Home bioresonance testing is the fastest way to eliminate any issues it may be having.

This could be caused as the body is lacking the digestive enzymes needed for the consumed items and cannot extract the needed nutrients or digest them properly. However, sensitivity could be caused by your animal consuming too much of the same thing, overexposure is a large reason for many of the results we see.

Ready for a quick and easy bioresonance sensitivity test? Pet Health At Home are here with a range of tests that offer testing for different animals. We also have 24/7 LiveChat and fast results delivery to give you the optimum level of service.

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